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A Quiet Space in a Beautiful Place

Fill your days with slow adventures while you stay at the Gilded Drifter Inn! The Sierra Valley and surrounding area offer opportunities to be alone in nature and to gather with your fellow adventurers.  



8 minute drive

Check out the aspens along Smithneck creek by parking at the Loyalton Rotary Park and walk downstream on the B&L Trail.  Or check out the Bear Valley Creek stands by taking Antelope Valley Road off Smithneck Road a couple miles past where it turns to dirt.



15 minute drive

Winter bird watching to see the highest concentration of raptors in the Sierras!

Navigate to Dyson Lane, Herriot Lane or Marble Hot Springs Road.  Drive slowly and look for hawks scouting from fence posts and power poles. You won't have to wait long to see one strike!



On Property

The Drifters Table offers new American cuisine Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4-8:30PM May-December.  Dine in the restaurant, Summerhouse or your room! 



2 Minute Walk

Have a cocktail and game of pool at the cozy Golden West. Appetizers and dinner are also excellent! 

Toy Train


4 Minute Walk

Visit the Loyalton Museum and the Thrift Store next door.  The museum displays the hearse belonging to the original owner of the Gilded Drifter Inn in the auditorium.  Don't miss the model train exhibit either!



From the Inn

Ride part or all of a 56 mile loop around the Sierra Valley.  Lot's of easy miles and breathtaking vistas.



1 Hour Drive

Day Trip to Downieville (1 hour drive) and stop at the little towns along the way. Sattley Cash Store, Bassets Station and Sierra City are all unique and fun spots.  The Fall color and view of the Buttes just below Bassets are breathtaking. 



40 Minute Drive

Take a picnic to the Brewing Lair for great beer and yard games.  Kid and dog friendly!  Its a 40 minute drive from the Inn but every mile is beautiful.

night sky 4.jpg


5 Minute Drive

Drive out of town. Pull over in the dark valley, get out and look at the stars at least once during your stay.

LB trail.jpg


8 minute drive

The Loyalton-Boca trail follows the old rail line to Truckee.  An easy trail for mountain bikers and hikers.  The trail largely follows the aspen-lined Smithneck Creek so Fall color is divine.

Downieville Cemetery.jpg


3-60 Minute Drive

Visit gold rush era cemeteries in Loyalton, Vinton, Chilcoot, Sierra City and Downieville.  Many of the cemeteries are still used so be sure to be respectful.  You can see the headstone of Alice Reece (original owner of the Gilded Drifter) at Mountain View Cemetery in Loyalton.




10 Minute Drive

The Smithneck Creek and Antelope Valley wildlife areas are just minutes from the Inn and offer over 7,000 acres of public land.  Wildflowers, wildlife and vistas abound.  Dirt roads accessible to 2WD vehicles in Summer and Fall.

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